Grace Note Foundation Camps

Through workshops, group activities, and private instruction, the Grace Note Foundation camp experience is designed to improve music performance skills in a creative and fun environment.

Camp Scholarship Program

Grace Note Foundation is committed to helping children from all walks of life gain exposure to the positive power of music and its extended family - regardless of financial ability.

It is our hope that through scholarships, we can open the camp experience to more children and young adults who might lack the resources but do not lack the inspiration.

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GNF Partner Programs and Recommendations

Music in Common empowers diverse cultures and faiths to discover common ground through collaborative songwriting, ‚Äčmultimedia and performance.

Music In Common has directly served thousands of people in more than 250 communities across the globe, including Israelis and Palestinians, Christians, Jews and Muslims, as well as American-born, refugee and immigrant youth. Working together face to face, participants expand understanding, build confidence, strengthen community, wage peace and - yes - change the world.

Music in Common, Inc.

PO Box 1190

Sheffield, MA 01257


June 3 - 8 at Music On Main Street
June 17 - 22 at Music On Main Street
Summer Band Camp @ Music On Main Street 2019

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