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My name is Donna Hopkins, I co-wrote the

song, Sending Love, with Susan Ransom.

We intended this song to be used for the

purpose of raising money to provide financial

relief for people in need.  It was Ransom's

dream for this song to send out Love &

financial relief to anyone who may need it. Susan Ransom passed from cancer in 2019. Now, this song and our intentions from the start, have come full circle.


It's been 12 years since Brad Bauman, the featured harmonica player on Sending Love, started playing with me. When you listen to this track, you will hear the essence & beauty of Brad's harmonica playing. He is not only a wonderful musician, but an amazing, kind, loving & giving man. In May of this year, Brad was diagnosed with Stage IV Adenocarcinoma Esophageal Cancer. Sending Love has now come full circle to help my dear friend and musical brother in his time of need.


EVERY penny of the downloads will go directly to Brad & his family!


We express gratitude & many thanks to Paul Diaz and all of our friends at Tree Sound Studios, of Norcoss, GA, where we were honored to record it. Featured artists on Sending Love are, myself, Donna Hopkins (Guitar & Lead Vocals), Brad Bauman (Harmonica), Richie Jones (Drums/Percussion), Michael Hurwitz (Bass), India Hopkins & The Praise Team (Background Vocals).

Sending Love

Sending Love

Donna Hopkins

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