Not just a band, rather one might say that Donna The Buffalo has become a lifestyle for its members and audiences. The band has played thousands of shows and they are coming to Music On Main Street April 1st to help raise money for Grace Note Foundation for Music Education's summer music Camps and other programs.

Through workshops, group activities, and private instruction, the Grace Note Foundation camp experience is designed to improve music performance skills in a creative and fun environment.

A Benefit Concert for Band Camp at Music On Main Street

Donna the Buffalo w/ guests The Ain't Sisters,

at-large artists Ralph Roddenbery & Donna Hopkins.

April 1st at 6pm

Grace Note Foundation is dedicated to supporting Artists through Music.

All proceeds from the sale of music and merchandise here go directly to support a specific Artist or Cause.

Helping Others Through Music

Know of someone serving the music community that is need?  Let us know about the cause Here.

BandCamp at Music On Main Street

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