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Sending Love

Donna Hopkins

Sending Love - Teresa Foshee

Once again, Donna Hopkins is coming together with Grace Note Foundation to Send Out Love & financial relief to someone in need.


Teresa Foshee is a makeup artist and a member of IATSE local 798, throughout her professional and personal life she consistently helped others without hesitation.  Teresa was a part of the support for Susan Ransom, while she was going through her own battle with cancer. Now, Teresa is in need of our support! In July of 2020, Dr. Robinson discovered a brain tumor on her right temporal lobe - a Glioblastoma, one of the most aggressive and treatment-resistant cancers.


Teresa receives her cancer care from an expert team of caregivers led by

Drs. Suh and Peereboom, at Cleveland Clinic. She has undergone two acute treatment cycles comprised of 42 days of radiation coupled with chemotherapy, followed by monthly maintenance cycles of chemotherapy.  Grace Note Foundation would like to help Teresa through this process with the gift of music…by loved ones, for loved ones.


Donna Hopkins and Susan Ransom co-wrote the song Sending Love with the hope that by spreading its beautiful message, it will also create a way to bring financial relief to those who desperately need it.


Proceeds for downloading Sending Love will go directly to Teresa so that she may continue to receive the care she requires during this difficult time.


As always, we express our gratitude to Paul Diaz and all of our friends at Tree Sound Studios, of Norcoss, GA, where we were honored to record this song. Featured artists on Sending Love are, Donna Hopkins, the late Brad Bauman, Richie Jones, Michael Hurwitz, India Hopkins & The Praise Team.


Thank you, in advance, for your support in Sending Love to someone in need!


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