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Promoting the role of music in child development, throughout adult life, and within communities.

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Research continues to prove what seems profoundly evident to anyone who lives a musical life:

"...they opened their doors and arms to him, cheered him, encouraged him and pushed him to do more, to do better, to do things he never thought he'd do. I will forever be thankful for their support towards my son."


- Grateful Parent

Who We Are

Grace Note Foundation for Music Education is an all volunteer organization funded through partnerships with the music industry, community organizations, and private donations.

Grace Note Foundation was formed in loving memory of Brenda L. Mecredy who instructed us to:

"Use Music to help people, especially children."

To volunteer, contribute, or for more information Contact Us or call 770-609-6393

Music for Good

Grace Note Foundation is committed to supporting Artists through Music. All donations and proceeds from the sale of music and merchandise Here go directly to support a specific Artist or Cause.


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